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Adeyemi, 10:20
Hi Olayinka, how are you?
Olayinka, 10:22
Very well and you ?
Adeyemi, 10:22
Well, too, thank you. Will you be able to send me the marketing presentation document?
Olayinka, 10:23
Yes, here it is
cp table
250kb - PDF
Adeyemi, 10:24
Thank you !
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Art Director

Real-time collaboration and improved productivity in your workplace. There are no limits, whether you are an individual looking for affordable solution, a small business owner or large organization

With Konet, you can: chat with people from all over the world, create newsgroups, organize remote meetings, build your professional network or even follow the news of your contacts.

Simplified discussions
Audio & video calls
New group
your groups (3)
  • Marketing
  • Developer
  • Designer
  • General
  • Flyers
Private Discussions (2)
  • DEOLA Olayinka
  • Adeyemi ADEMOLA
New group
your groups (3)
  • Marketing
  • Developer
  • Designer
  • General
  • Flyers
Private Discussions (2)
  • DEOLA Olayinka
  • Adeyemi ADEMOLA
Do you receive too many emails? Go to thematic focus groups!
Organize your discussions according to your needs (by team, project, product, customer,…).
Access your discussions with one click.
Manage adding / deleting of members in your newsgroups.
Chats are not enough? - Go to audio & video calls!
Make and receive calls anywhere with one click.
Attend meetings and interact like you are physically present.
DEOLA OlayinkaDesigner
Last creation for the site 'The Collector's Scholarship', in collaboration with Ludovic Meyer. #numismatic #UIdesign
Animate your network!
Share information with all your contacts.
Follow the activity of your contacts.
Using data
You choose the partitioning of your collaborative social network according to your needs (private or public).
Your data is important and we protect it. They are encrypted and hosted in our fully secured Tier IV data center with Multi tier security cloud security (MTCS) Iso standards ISO 20000, ISO 22301, ISO 27001.
Security and protection
Cloud 24/7 NOC & technical operation
Secured media and signaling flows
Encrypting data during traffic and during storage
Unique and dedicated, only includes the user group you defined
Generalized to your company, includes all the users you defined along with all your company and subsidiary users
We are the most ISO Certified company in Nigeria with Twelve (12) certifications.
For quicker approval process of documents shared




Olayinka DEOLA


Olayinka DEOLA

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Olayinka DEOLA
Integrated File Sharing
Share and preview shared files (documents, images, videos,…) directly in Konet.
Locate shared files easily in groups using directory.
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Konet improves communication and the daily work of your teams!

Konet is also

White label
Konet adapts to your needs and those of your teams by offering you a fully customizable tool.
Instant chat messages to keep in touch with your teams.
Your discussions are organized by workgroup to improve productivity and communication within your teams.
Share files in your workgroups so members can access them at anytime.
The latest activities and notifications available in one click from your dashboard.
Rates according to the number of collaborators without limit of the number of meetings or documents exchanged
Calls to organize remote meetings with your teams around the world.
Share videos in your workgroups so members can access them anytime.


A single rate per user per month.

  • start from
    per user / month


    • Quickly message anyone on your team chat on the go. Communicate on the go with text, audio and video
    • Fast and secured connectivity to excel.
    • Simple friendly user interface
    • Hear and get instant feedback and responses from your team.
    • Share and collaborate files with ease.
    • Experience Improved project productivity.
    • Continuously improve employee engagement and benchmark performance across the business.
    • Easy and Instant chat messages, voice or video calls to your team to make communications to groups or team members.

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